Frequently Asked Questions

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Yellowfin University is your online resource to sharpen your Yellowfin BI skills and officially certify your Yellowfin training (coming soon).

The black “Login” button allows you to login to your account and access Yellowfin University materials only.

The blue “Yellowfin Customer Login” button is for those who have been given portal credentials by a Yellowfin Customer Success Manager.

Yellowfin University offers user specific “training paths” that contain courses with several short lessons and a self-directed workflow to allow you to learn at your own pace.

In short video lessons you will learn foundational skills to get the most out of your Yellowfin investment.

  1. go to
  2. click “Register” at the top right
  3. enter your information
  4. click “Register” and a confirmation email will be sent to you with a link and password to log in.

If you can’t remember your password:

  1. go to
  2. click “Log In”
  3. click “Lost your password?” on the bottom right
  4. enter your email address
  5. click “Get New Password”
  6. check your email and follow the directions

If you would like to reset your password

  1. go to
  2. click “Log In”
  3. click “Lost your password?” on the bottom right
  4. enter your email address
  5. click “Get New Password”
  6.  check your email and follow the directions

Lessons are generally 10-15 minutes each.  The exact time for each lesson is listed to the right of the lesson topics within a course.

There are no lesson quizzes. To complete the lesson, simply watch the video.  Your lesson progress will be updated on your dashboard with a green checkmark once you have finished viewing and marked the lesson complete.

Yes. You can continue the training at your own pace.

Yes, your completed lessons will be saved.

As it become available, you will be notified of new training lessons via email.  Be sure to check your spam folder and mark email from as safe.

Read the descriptions under the heading “Choose your Yellowfin Path” on the welcome page and find the training path that best fits your needs.  Feel free to jump to another path at any time.

Make sure to follow these steps in order to start any lesson of your choice:

  1. go to
  2. select a path under “Technical Training” in the top menu
  3. click the course you would like to take
  4. click the blue “Take this course” button
  5. click any lesson to begin your Yellowfin coursework

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